Designs with the Bezier Tool


Software: Ulead PhotoImpact 8
Author: Irene de Groot
Home Page: Designifs
Title: Uses of Bezier Curve Tool
Skill Level: Beginner

Featured Tools:
Bezier Curve Tool
Path Drawing Tool
Material Box
Additional Files:

Description:Create different shapes combined to make a Picture holder, or anything you like, where more then one shape is required.


The Bezier tool is located where the standard
Selection Tool is

Open a new Canvas, about 400pixels width and height about 400pixels ,
or any size and color you like
Click on the Bezier Curve Tool,
Click on Shape, Rectangle ,Click on Draw new Path and Even-Odd fill

Select rectangle shape

Start from the top-left corner and pull down the shape to the right
bottom corner

Now pick any shape you like and fill in the rectangle

Click on the Path Drawing Tool, and you will notice , it shows Selection in Mode
Now click on 3D Round or 2D or 3D custom

You can change the depth and color in the Material box

Also when you first click on Path Drawing Tool , if you want another shape like heart, you can access it, as a selection, by clicking on Continue Draw, then click back to Selection



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